About A Silicon Valley Insider

This blog analyzes without any pretension the technology industry. Its markets, its players, its products/technologies. And, its opportunities for investing. With an emphasis on high -tech, green-tech, and a few other things!

Articles with an (E) are for every reader, (B) for the business reader, and (T) for the technical reader. Hope that you will enjoy reading our notes which are always a work in progress.

About the Author

Serge-Paul Carrasco is a product manager, a software engineer, and the author of this technology blog “A Silicon Valley Insider”.

He has been working for many Silicon Valley start-ups and public companies. He has both started and launched new products from the white board, and expanded existing product portfolios.

Over the years, he has built a diverse technology background that started in networking and information security, moved to cloud infrastructure and mobile platforms, and more recently into big data analytics and the Internet of Things.

Serge-Paul holds three patents in network security and is the author of a book on IP/MPLS networking.

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